Divorce In Florida Is Costly And Emotional

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbr2ao86ww0Being a Jacksonville family law attorney, I begin this blog by shaking my head. One thing that continues to amaze me as a Jacksonville, Florida divorce lawyer is how two people who have loved each other so much at one time and who have loved each other enough to create another human being with this person can now sit in a courtroom across from one another with such hate and disdain for the one time love of their life. Divorce in Florida is tough; both emotionally and financially. If you have children and child custody in Florida is an issue then you can expect the divorce to cost even more. The financial impact will cease, but the emotional impact could be long lasting. If you are experiencing a divorce in Jacksonville, Florida, please remember that the way you act towards your spouse now will have long lasting effects on your relationship in the future. Try not to burn everything to the ground so that you may rebuild in the future.

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