Divorce In Florida Can Be Fatal

1153640_killer_hand_1.jpgI am a Jacksonville, Florida family law lawyer and a Jacksonville, Florida criminal law attorney. I specialize in both family and criminal law issues. So often I see the two areas of law overlap especially when divorce in Florida is at issue. Divorce attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida have the difficult task of regulating a client’s emotion at the height of when everything may seem to be crumbling around them. Their marriage is ending, they could be losing custody of their children, their finances are changing, they may be losing their home. This level of despair could lead to criminal activity and often does as recently seen in a murder in Lee County, Florida when a desperate father and husband shot and killed his estranged wife. When seeking a Florida divorce attorney, seek out one who is capable of handling the necessary emotional counseling that accompanies the expert legal advice that you require. It is equally as important.

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