The Florida Child Custody Evaluation…Is It A Big Deal in a Florida Divorce, Modification or Paternity Case?

As a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer, I have found, that the single most important factor in deciding who gets custody of the children in a Florida child custody case is the custody evaluation. It’s important to meet with a Florida Child Custody Attorney as soon as possible to determine what factors in your lifestyle will influence the outcome. When possible, in some cases clients are able to modify factors in anticipation of a child custody determination. Florida judges are relying completely on custody evaluations to determine who should get custody of the kids. In Jacksonville, some Judges have read the conclusions of the custody evaluation and made their decisions from the reports. Many child custody cases are part of a Jacksonville Divorce case and handled by your Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer. To discuss child custody and how your lifestyle can be changed to increase the likelihood of winning, contact a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer who is familiar with Jacksonville Child Custody law.

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