Child Support In Florida: I Am Laid Off. Am I In Contempt?

thousand.jpgWith the economic times as they are, in my practice as a Jacksonville child support lawyer, I see so many clients who cannot pay their Florida child support obligation. Often, a motion for contempt will be filed against the non-paying party which prompts the necessity for the hiring of a Florida child support attorney. If you have been laid off due to the economy and not due to something improper that you’ve done to get you fired, then you may have a remedy in court. The law requires that for a non-paying party to be held in contempt of court, the evidence must show that the non-paying party had the ability to pay the obligation and willfully and maliciously failed to comply. Proving that the non-paying party did not have the ability to pay can sometimes be a difficult task requiring the specialized skill of a child support lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida. Do not go into court alone. You most likely wouldn’t take out your own appendix and as such, you should never go into the courtroom without representation.

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