Same-Sex Parents learn about New Guidelines for Parenting

An issue facing same-sex parents is what rights the non-biological and non-adoptive parent has with respect to their children.

Like many couples, same-sex and heterosexual, whose relationship ends, the children are the focus of the split, and not necessarily in a good way. Child custody and visitation issues become contentious. As time evolves, so does societal perception of what makes a good parent. However when faced with a parenting conflict, it is advisable to contact an attorney who deals with the unique concerns facing those in the LGBT community.

A new set of guidelines have been published that will assist the non-legal parent should the biological or adoptive parent use anti-LGBT laws to attempt to deny visitation and/or custody.

The publication entitled “Protecting Families: Standards for LGBT Families” was put together by a myriad of advocates and defenders of same-sex parents. It stresses the importance of the children and advises parents and lawyers to honor a child’s relationship with both parents. It also gives information to assist in custody and visitation resolutions that minimize conflict in an effort to avoid litigation.

If you are in a St. Augustine same-sex relationship and have children, it is always advisable to consult with a Family Law and Estate Planning Attorney who can suggest various legal documents aimed at protecting your relationship with your children.

There is still a long way to go to end discrimination against same-sex relationships. There are several cases across the country which result when a biological or adoptive parent tries to claim that the other parent has no parental rights. These cases talk about parentage of both the legal parent and the non-legal parent.

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