Prenuptial Agreements 101: Overcoming the Stigma

prenup.jpgOne of the best tools that a couple has in protecting their assets before marriage is the pre-marital agreement. Everyone knows the situation: one party tries to discuss a premarital agreement with his or her respective partner, and the partner will respond with any number of gripes. They range anywhere from “if you loved/trusted me like you really say you do, we would not need a prenuptial agreement” to “I will NEVER marry into an arrangement that requires me to sign a contract.” So, the task at hand is now for you to show your partner the value of these agreements. What many do not realize is that marriage itself is a contract, and that without an agreement, decisions that should be yours if the marriage ends are put in the hands of the court.

In order to show your partner the value in pre-marital arrangements (yes, you should refer to them as that), try using the following analogy. You would never purchase a car without buying insurance. You would never purchase a home without homeowners insurance. One does not purchase this insurance with the intention of torching their new house or car – just as people do not enter into pre-marital agreements just to turn around and trash their marriage. Otherwise, why go through the effort and expense of getting married in the first place?!

As experienced Jacksonville Divorce Attorneys, we deal with rifts such as the one above on a daily basis. We put our clients at ease by drafting an agreement that keeps the interests of both parties in mind and by using competitive pricing. In fact, some Jacksonville Divorce Lawyers can do a pre-marital agreement starting as low as $500. To schedule an initial consultation and discuss all relevant matters related to your case, contact a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney, today.

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