Gay and Lesbian Shared Parenting Agreements

Jacksonville Gay and Lesbian Family Lawyer.jpgIf you live in or around Jacksonville Florida, are gay or lesbian, have children, and share parenting responsibilities, it is important to have a Gay or Lesbian Shared Parenting Agreement. Having a written legal document which expresses your intentions and wishes as to raising your child is imperative.

Being a Gay or Lesbian parent in Jacksonville is no longer based on a man-woman, husband-wife model. Courts continue to wrestle with the concept of non-legal parents seeking custody and visitation with children, following divorce, separation, or termination of a relationship. A written agreement which describes both the legal as well as non-legal parent’s role to the child, and outlines custody, visitation and other issues, will give both parents the opportunity to be heard in mediation or court, should a break-up occur.

There is an emerging body of case law addressing custody and visitation rights of the non-legal parent. Keeping in mind the best interest of the child standard, it may be in your families best interest to consult with a Jacksonville Gay and Lesbian Rights Attorney to discuss how a Shared Parenting Agreement can help you.

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