Elders Falling Prey to Family Members and Friends

elder with young girlfriend.jpgNo matter how good and attentive a child you may be, your Florida elderly single parent may fall prey to a companion, “girl-friend” or “boyfriend”, who may have an ulterior and nefarious (not so nice) motive. If you are a concerned child of an elder who may be involved with someone you are suspicious of, it would be wise to contact an Orange Park Guardianship Attorney to discuss the situation you find your parent.

An Orange Park Guardianship takes several forms. A Voluntary Guardianship is when an elder person, although, not incompetent, is incapable of the “care, custody and management or his or her estate by reason of age or physical infirmity and who has voluntarily petitioned for the appointment”. A voluntary guardianship does not require a determination of incapacity.

A Plenary Guardianship requires that the elder you are seeking guardianship over, be determined incapacitated. This incapacity may be deemed total or limited, and the guardian is given authority over the elder accordingly.

Before a parent’s Will is changed, before a parent’s bank account is drained, before a parent marries a person 30 years younger whom you are concerned about, talk with an Orange Park Guardianship Attorney.

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