Joint Custody In Florida: Does It Work or Does It Create Problems?

equal.jpgAs a Jacksonville, Florida custody attorney, I have seen a big shift in the ideology of the courts in providing for joint custody of children in Florida. However, couples experiencing divorce in Florida are usually unaware of the difference between shared parental responsibility (aka “joint custody”) and 50/50 timesharing. In Florida, shared parental responsibility means that both parents will retain all rights as parents and will be included in having input in any major decision involving the child’s life. Timesharing in Florida is exactly that. How much time the parents get with the child. Equal timesharing in Florida has it’s advantages for the child in some ways. The courts will always look to the child’s best interests and every case is different. Some advantages are that the child will get to spend equal time with both parents and have the opportunity to create a loving bond with both parents. Some problems that arise in 50/50 timesharing lie in scheduling conflicts as well as the child never really having one single place to call “home”. These are some conflicts to overcome when seeking “joint custody” in Florida.

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