Planning for Disasters in Your Parenting Plan

hurricane.jpgWhile Hurricane Irene brought minimal damage to Florida, Floridians are well aware of the destruction and disruption such disasters can cause. Despite this, many parents fail to take such disasters into account when creating their timeshare schedule.

For example, let’s say you and your spouse split timesharing throughout the year. You have timesharing for a few weeks during the summer, but your spouse has majority timeshairng. Unfortunately, a hurricane arrives and cuts your visit a week short. You were really looking forward to spending as much time as you could with your children, but your spouse is not keen on allowing you to keep the kids past your court-ordered date.

If your agreement doesn’t mention natural disasters, you might have to petition the court to allow you to keep your kids a few extra days. Doing so isn’t free, and this may deter many parents from trying to get relief in court.

A better option is to build natural disasters and other unexpected situations (even a minor car accident could cause you to lose a day with your kids) into your timesharing agreement. Contact a Florida Family Law Attorney to help your through this process. Hopefully nothing unexpected happens to cause you to lose time with your kids. But if something comes up, at least you’ll be prepared.

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