What To Do When Communication Stops

mobile_phone_in_hand.jpgOne of the most important parts of being a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida is communicating with clients. Often I get clients who have had other divorce lawyers in Florida in the past, and the primary complaint is that they cannot get in touch with them after paying them money a.k.a. “a retainer fee”. What can you do if you cannot reach your Jacksonville divorce attorney? The first step would be to send the attorney a certified letter indicating your attempts to reach him or her and requesting a return communication. If that fails, you can contact the Florida Bar at www.flabar.org to inquire as to whether the attorney is still in practice. The Florida Bar can help you in locating your Florida divorce lawyer. However, if you call your divorce attorney on one day and do not hear from him or her in the same day or within a couple of days after your message, this is not good reason to call the Florida bar. Repeated and numerous attempts at communication without response is required. Although your case is important to your divorce lawyer, your case is not the only case that he or she may have. Thus, patience is important. Most likely, your “emergency” is not a legal emergency. Give your divorce attorney a chance to get back with you before filing any complaints.

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