Harassment In Divorce In Florida

1307594_mobile_phone_in_handAs an experienced Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer, I often see couples at their worst. Many times, when a relationship is breaking up, the civility between the parties is also lost, and the harassing begins. This harassment can go from simply bothersome to criminal. Florida law requires that if you feel that you are becoming the victim of harassment, you must first put the offender on notice to stop calling you or your family members or to cease the harassing act. You should keep a log of each call with the time, date, and number from where the call came and from whom. If the offender continues the offending act after being placed on notice to stop, then the act becomes criminal and you may seek the protection of the police or the Office of the State Attorney. It is important to have a Florida Family Lawyer to help you address the issue and to file the appropriate documents in your divorce. Taking these steps will help stop the harassment while the divorce process is pending.

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