Florida Guardianship for the Elderly

elderly woman.jpegAs a family law attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, I regularly deal with issues involving the elderly. Late in life, some elderly men and women become unable to manage their personal affairs. When persons become incapacitated and unable to take proper care of themselves or their property, a Florida Guardianship attorney may be necessary to start the guardianship process.

In general, a Guardianship in Florida is the management of the affairs of someone who has been deemed by the court incompetent and unable to make decisions for themselves. The court gives the right to make decisions about the impaired individual (the Ward) to another person or entity (the Guardian).

The role of a Guardian in Florida can be highly complex, involving legal, social, financial, and psychological dimensions. In Florida, a family member Guardian is often required to hire a Florida family law attorney, provide detailed personal information, undergo a credit check, post a fiduciary’s bond, attend an 8-hour training course, and file detailed financial reports annually with the court.

As a Florida Family Law Lawyer, I often help those individuals seeking a Guardianship, as well as those who plan to serve as the Guardian of a Ward. If you have any questions regarding Florida Guardianships please contact a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney, and I will be happy to assist you.

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