Florida Child Support

Florida child support is based off of a formula that is used to calculate the amount of periodic payments that have to be made by a noncustodial parent.  The goal behind child support enforcement is to have the parents, rather than the State of Florida, take care of children.  Of the thousands of cases that involve child support orders, some are the result of divorce cases or paternity cases started by the mother or father, while many are the result of legal action by the Florida Department of Revenue.  The Florida Department of Revenue is the state agency that handles child support enforcement.  However a child support order comes into existence, the obligation to support a child or children is taken seriously.  Not paying child support can have consequences that range from suspended licenses, liens on property, contempt of court (which can mean jail time), and more.

child supportAs a Jacksonville child support lawyer, I’ve had many conversations with noncustodial parents when they are behind on support payments.  Many have ignored the payments, typically after job loss or some other event that makes them believe they aren’t required to pay.  If a major even happens that changes your ability to pay or makes you think that you no longer have to make payments, I suggest that you immediately contact a child support lawyer that can help you understand your rights and obligations.  When there is a substantial change in circumstances, child support payments may be modified.  The possibility for change can be upward or downward, depending on the circumstances.

Contacting a child support lawyer is important whether your child support payments are made through an income deduction order or paid directly to the other parent.  Making adjustments to the child support amount on your own without going through the court can lead to some of the penalties listed above.  Call the Law Office of David M. Goldman, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation.  We can help enforce child support payments, as well.  So whether you’re not receiving the support your child deserves, you need to start a new support case, or a modification is necessary, we can help.

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