Florida Child Support with Changing Circumstances

leprechaun_1.jpgAs a practicing Florida Child Support Attorney, I have seen one party to the original divorce in Florida have an increase in assets. Usually this sort of increase does not happen all at once, it can sometimes take years. A competent Child Support Lawyer in Florida should know that Florida courts determine the financial status of each parent before deciding which party should pay and in what amount.

The increase in wages one party earns is one example of a “changed circumstance” in which the court can reevaluate a child support award. The court calculates this on a month to month basis. By doing a month to month calculation, a court can see which income that party receives every month. However, the court will generally not included amounts that are non-reoccurring.

If you think that either you or your ex-spouse has had some “changed circumstance” that would affect a court’s decision about the amount of child support to be paid, you should speak with a Florida Child Support Attorney who will be knowledgeable about how you should proceed.

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