PrimeSource Mobile Forensics Useful in Family Litigation

PrimeSource, a local mobile forensics company is now offering data recovery for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad and GPS devices for use as evidence in any cases we may have. With this technology, we are able to recover many deleted text messages, images, GPS locations, etc. to show that someone was at a location, with a specific person, said or did certain actions.
For instance, a few years ago I had a case with facts similar to these: A man and a woman had a child together, but had split up. That woman’s subsequent boyfriend sexually abused the child. The police investigated the matter but the boyfriend was nowhere to be found. A custody case ensued and after a year of struggling visits it was discovered that the woman was pregnant and the man that showed up at the OBGYN visit was the sexually abusive boyfriend. The police were called and both the mother and boyfriend were immediately arrested however the child had gone a full year without this discovery being made. Had the father been able to make use of PrimeSource’s technology, the child could have been protected from a continued horrifying situation.
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