Father’s Roles In The Lives Of Children In Florida

father.jpgAs a Florida child custody attorney, I often see families that are having to learn to live separately. Roughly one out of every four fathers lives separately from a child. According to the Pew Research Center, education is a large indicator of whether a father will stick around and be involved in his child’s life. For example, 40% of fathers with less than a high school diploma do not live with their children. Compare that with only 7% of fathers with diplomas who live away from their children. Fifty years ago, 89% of children lived in a home with their fathers. That’s down to 73% today. However, 93% of fathers talk with their children several times a week about their lives. Further, over 90% of fathers who live with their children consider themselves to be either “good” or “very good” fathers, while less than 50% of fathers who lives separate and apart from their children feel they are in that category. This kind of thinking is wrong! Despite the trend for fathers to be decreasingly present in their childrens’ lives, it is still important to maintain some level of contact if possible. This is just one of the many considerations a good Florida divorce lawyer can speak with you about if you are considering a divorce in Florida. If you are in this situation and want more time with your children, please contact a Florida child custody lawyer today.

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