Family Estate Planning In Florida And Medical Power of Attorney

contract.jpgAs a Florida family law lawyer, I have been noticing a mad dash by people trying to obtain a “springing” Medical Power of Attorney (POA) because of the new law taking effect on October 1, 2011. A “springing” Medical Power of Attorney is one that is created when the person it affects is still cognizant of what he or she is doing. The word “springing” means that the document will only be operable once the creator of the POA becomes mentally or physically unable to make his or her own medical decisions. With this document, the creator has personally chosen the person(s) who will be responsible to make those medical decisions for them. If someone is going to be making these important decisions for you, wouldn’t you like to have a say in who that person will be? Most people desire this type of control but the new law will soon eliminate this control. If you create your “springing” medical poa before October 1, 2011, the document will stand up against the new law and be valid, but the opposite will be true for “springing” medical poa’s after that date. If you have a desire to have some control over which family member makes your medical decision should you be in a position to be unable to do so, you should contact a Jacksonville family law lawyer or a Jacksonville estate planning attorney to assist you.

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