Calculating Child Support In Florida…More Than Just Numbers in a Formula

In a paternity or divorce in Florida, you may not know that the law only considers certain “facts” or numbers in calculating a child support amount. In Florida, the law uses a specific formula to arrive at the child support amount. Knowing how the Florida child support guideline calculations work and how they relate to the unique circumstances of each case is key. Calculating child support in Florida is a complicated process and it is critical for one to understand the various income types and components relative to the case at hand to accurately calculate the amounts.

If you are engaged in divorce or child support proceedings in Florida, I encourage you to contact a Jacksonville, Florida divorce lawyer to guide you through this formulaic process to ensure that you are either receiving enough income or not paying more than you should be. If you are looking for a Florida child support attorney to help you through this difficult process, please call me at 904-685-1200.

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