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February 26, 2010

Child Custody in Florida: Visitation

Every Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney and every Florida Divorce Lawyer can tell you that child custody and visitation are big battles. The amount of time a parent spends with the children can effect the child support obligation so custody and visitation are important to child support. Please contact a Jacksonville Child Support Lawyer or Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney to discuss how child support can be effected by how much time you get to spend with your children. Call me at 904-685-1200.

February 25, 2010

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...

As a practicing Florida Family Law Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, I deal in divorce law issues on a daily basis. When the client who has never been through a divorce in Florida comes into my office, one of the first things I notice throughout my dealings with the client is that they ALWAYS tend to sweat the small stuff that comes with divorce. Often, when one is entrenched in custody issues and child support issues or relocation issues, people tend to get caught up in the little battles that ultimately mean nothing. A Florida Child Custody Attorney or Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer can help you navigate the legal issues and help you to prepare for the legal aspects of your case rather than sweating the small stuff. Please contact a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer to help you or call me directly at 904-685-1200.

February 25, 2010

Can I discharge my support obligation in Bankruptcy?

As a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer I am hearing the question more and more if a child support or an alimony obligation is dischargeable in bankruptcy. When couples divorce, many times, one party files for bankruptcy believing that any financial obligation to the other party will be dischargeable in the bankruptcy. NOT SO! Intrigued? Read on...

A Jacksonville Child Support Lawyer or a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer can explain that the support obligation can come in many forms such as alimony, child support, money owed to a spouse, or a money obligation incurred during a divorce agreement. A Florida Family Law Lawyer should explain that in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the spouse will still have to pay and will not be able to discharge the debt. When the bankruptcy is over, the spouse will still owe the debt to the other spouse.

If you or your spouse are having to file for bankruptcy, I encourage you to explore the idea of filing a joint case. This may be more beneficial to both of you in the end. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should check with a Florida Bankruptcy Attorney for more information. Please call our firm at 904-685-1200 for more information.

February 24, 2010

The Florida Child Custody Evaluation...Is It A Big Deal in a Florida Divorce, Modification or Paternity Case?

As a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer, I have found, that the single most important factor in deciding who gets custody of the children in a Florida child custody case is the custody evaluation. It's important to meet with a Florida Child Custody Attorney as soon as possible to determine what factors in your lifestyle will influence the outcome. When possible, in some cases clients are able to modify factors in anticipation of a child custody determination. Florida judges are relying completely on custody evaluations to determine who should get custody of the kids. In Jacksonville, some Judges have read the conclusions of the custody evaluation and made their decisions from the reports. Many child custody cases are part of a Jacksonville Divorce case and handled by your Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer. To discuss child custody and how your lifestyle can be changed to increase the likelihood of winning, contact a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer who is familiar with Jacksonville Child Custody law.

February 5, 2010

How do I win custody in Florida?

Ask any Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer or Jacksonville Custody Lawyer how to win custody of your children and you could get a different answer with each divorce/family lawyer. One thing is for certain. If you are in the midst of a custody battle, no matter what your religious affiliation, you must live as though you are at the foot of the cross. Anything and everything is fair game when your soon to be ex is fighting you for your kids. Watch what you post on facebook, twitter, and myspace. This gives Jacksonville custody attorneys a lot of information on your real activities. Of course everyone acts like an angel in front of a Florida family court judge, but the evidence can sometimes be the proof in the pudding. If you have a custody or divorce case, please call a Florida family lawyer for expert help. Our firm has almost 20 years experience in handling divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, adoption, modification and visitation among other areas of practice. Please contact us at 904-685-1200 to arrange a consultation to help you.